F.V.G. provides mainly garment accessories
along with a large ranges of services and products,
such as designing LOGO,
planning for sales promotion, etc.

Hang tag

F.V.G.’s designed Tags could completement
the apparel products be more fascinated.
We supply all necessities, with corresponding
to every required color expression and any processing method for tags,
expressing the image combined with the brand concept
without breaking Product view of products.

Care label

F.V.G.’s designed Care Label is essential item
which indicates the method to maintain quality of fabric products
and shows customers the product’s quality performance,
caution contents and characteristic of goods properly,
which takes very important roles for handling products longer with great care.

Woven label

F.V.G.’s designed Woven Label is part of customer’s product,
we propose the best weaving method corresponding to the brand image,
we provide high value products
by such as using high density weave brand logo
and or adding with serial numbers inside.


F.V.G.’s designed adhesive stickers
focus on customer’s merchandising performance.
We propose either dimension or raw material of the stickers
to match layout of products and sales line shelves.
We also correspond to detailed requests,
such as adhesiveness based on pasting condition or garment quality, etc.


FVG’s package protects its products and attracts products more beautifully.
The planning and proposal capabilities of packages
leads to better fascinat customers’ productsand
it will make a difference in the product value.Various materials that can respond
to the global environment, society, and customer’s needsWe aim for functional design.
FVG’s package protects its products and attracts products more beautifully.


Same as Woven Label,
F.V.G.’s designed Printing Label is also part of customer’s product.
Our product enables to print best of the Brand Logo
by various methods corresponding to customers’ requirement.