We believe that members of F.V.G. are more than just employees,
they are not just ‘material’ for the company, rather they are ‘property’.
Here are the details for our Recruitment.

Recruitment target

For whom we are seeking

  • Persons who can find his/her jobs.
  • Persons who can make progress through hard work.
  • Persons with curiosity.
  • Persons who can take initiatives.
  • Persons who can complete their goals by many efforts.
  • Persons with positive attitudes toward any difficulties.
  • Persons who are good at multi-tasking.
  • Persons who are not afraid of facing turndowns.
  • Persons who can make decisions, who can do things that others do not want to.
  • Persons who have a pioneer sprit.


Contract 1.Permanent Staff (Fresh Graduate) 2.Permanent Staff (Mid-Career) 3.Term Contract Staff
Required Qualifications Experience in printing industry, advertising industry,
or apparel industry. (part-time worker’s experience is also OK)
Working hours Osaka office: 8:50~17:30
Tokyo 9:00~17:40
Each one hour break from 12:00 till 13:00.
Salary 1.Monthly Wage: JPY 200,000
2.Monthly Wage: JPY 200,000 – 340,000
3.Monthly Wage: JPY 200,000 – 260,000
【Training/Probation Period】
Probation Period : 2 months (Salary JPY200,000/month)
Treatment and welfare Monthly Transportation allowance: up to 20,000 JPY
Promotion system: once a year (every May)
Bonus system: twice a year (every August and December)
Health Insurance and Welfare Pension full maintained
Holidays / Paid Vacations basically weekly holiday: 2 days (based on company calendar)
National holidays, Annual paid holidays, Year-End/New year holidays,
special holidays for own marriage and birthday,
parents and relatives’ death, and refreshing holidays