In order to fulfill and service the constant needs of our customers,
F.V.G. takes a very special and competitive approach in RFID field.

Thanks for internal PERSONALIZATION process and cooperation
with ‘state-of-the-art’ technology partners for
all RFID fields, our SCM principles, i.e., the Fastest Lead Time,
the best Quality, and the Best Price are being realized.
Learning from experiences of “creating Artwork from PO”, “system development”,
“best quality inlay selected by machines automatically”,
and also experiences from without-inlay tags, We supply best quality RFID products.


As a member of world-wide RainRFID organization,
we adopted the UHF RFID,
and in order to accelerate its growth faster
we promote various initiatives,
such as Industry research, education and promotion.



Our personalization equipment for bulk production

Different from current popular utilization of RFID for Carton and Pallet, printing and encoding of RFID labels for items with many SKUs and small quantity are necessary.
Considering the difficulty to match this need, instead of the single-piece thermal printing machine which has been mainstream in domestic, F.V.G. have and will continue adopt personalization equipment for bulk production.

Benefit of personalization equipment for bulk production

  • The quantity of printing and encoding per hour is about 5 times of single thermal machine
  • There is a limit for color-expression by thermal printing, but for the personalization equipment’s inkjet printing,
    it enables to express any required colors.

Our Manufacture Locations

Our RFID manufacturing base located near Shanghai city,
We are also preparing to establish RFID
manufacturing footprint throughout Southeast Asia.
We will meet the needs of all global retails store in the 21st century.
We offer best lead time and best quality products.

TWF Solution

Our sister company, TWF Co., Ltd. develops solution business for RFID field.
It includes store solutions such as optimization of inventory and shoplifting prevention,
distribution efficiency solution, shipping efficiency solution etc.
Based on various networks cultivated through RainRFID,
we collaborate with foreign solution vendors who have actual results to offer optimal RFID solution.
We are proposing solutions that can bring maximum effort through RFID.